Vogue 9267 - Giving Shape to a New Direction

#V9267 Italy Floral

This is a great pattern—Vogue 9267. It’s the first time I’ve done a “flared” anything. I’m excited about the dress because of the fabric. I picked it up last year at Fine Fabrics USA in Norcross GA. It’s a black, satin-back crepe with a little stretch (pictured below). It’s tough to find a good rich black fabric. So, I love this piece. For that reason, I made a toile (muslin test) of the bodice first. This helped me ensure I had a good fit and allowed me to see how the arm hole fit. The multi-colored floral print fabric was a gift from friends who traveled to Italy this summer. It’s a beautiful cotton and was easy to make  I lined it with Bemberg Ambiance lining—my favorite.  That’s the one pictured in the inset.

The best part of the project is the “custom fit” detail of the pattern. It’s lined with a band at the waist and options for flared or straight skirt. It includes pleating and top-stitching.

The instructions were pretty easy to follow. When cutting out, use care. The cutting and pleating markings can cause a bit of confusion because multiple sizes are in one pattern.

I especially like the simplicity of the pattern. Once the pieces are cut out, it sews up pretty quickly.

While I’m not a fan of dresses with bands at the waist, they mimic belts (and nod to empire waistline) and, ultimately, flatter my inverted triangle frame.

Because it’s part of the Custom Fit series, I didn’t need to make any alterations. What I did was increase the seam allowances to one inch on the side seams and princess seams. I wanted make sure I had room to expand if the alternative bra cup sized pieces weren’t sufficient.

I plan to make multiple iterations of it. I have a linen floral from Joann Fabrics and a cotton floral some friends picked up while traveling abroad. I also have a floral denim that I plan to use as well. I like the pattern a lot, and I think it’s worth making multiple times!


1. Use opportunities outside of your comfort zone to help you become a student again. The excitement that held my fascination as child learning to sew returns again when I tackle challenging projects. It also encourages my sewing mojo.  When we embrace opportunities that push us outside of our comfort zone, we prime ourselves for growth. Learning occurs outside of our comfort zone. The more often we go there, the more likely we are to build our capacity. The outcome might be greater efficiency and fewer UFOs (unfinished objects).

Beauty Secrets 07.png

2. Take risks with the best you have to offer. The satin-back crepe and the floral cotton from Italy are two of the favorite pieces in my stash. I fretted over whether I would ruin them if the match up with this pattern didn’t go well. Since the floral cotton was a gift from friends, I wanted to be able to finish it beautifully and show them what I’d done. It was risky to use my favorite fabrics on a style that was also new to me. I’m glad I did it, and I love the outcome. It encourages me to take further risks with my creativity and to not be afraid to offer my very best!

3. Embrace the shape God gives you and celebrate your uniqueness. I’m an inverted triangle who has avoided flared dresses and skirts. I’ve always preferred form-fitting dresses. However, my full-bust and narrow hips are flattered by a flared silhouette. As I reflect on the finished dresses and how I feel in them, I look forward to making more iterations of the dress. They are feminine and flattering, and I love them! I want to encourage you to celebrate the way God has made you--your shape, your personality, your nuances, and your strengths. They add value to others and give shape to who you are.

Slowing down to work the details refines the look and improves quality. Pinning takes time. Cutting takes time. The process is the real opportunity—embrace it.

Stay close to Him. Live beautiful.