Vogue 1250 | Again Y'all!

I've said before that it is now one of my go to dress patterns. Here are reasons why:

Vogue 1250

Vogue 1250

  • It sews up quickly. On average, I can put it together in a few hours. It takes more time to find great fabric than it does to put it together.

  • It's a print or solids best friend. I love making it in a print. The more random and abstract the print, the better.

  • It can flatter many figures. The use of a print enhances its capability to camouflage the figure.

Why it works

Pattern Review has 121 reviews of the dress. It was voted one of the favorites of 2011. As you look at the various renderings of the dress you can how many women also loved it. It also converts well between casual and professional. I've paired it with a weather and low strappy sandal for a casual dress down Friday. I've also paired it with a business jacket and a simple pump for a more professional office look. 

How I work it...

Mostly in prints! I have a red ITY that's perfect for it as well. I'm sure I'll get to it, but for now the prints have my full attention.