McCall 7186 | The Killer Wrap Dress

McCall 7186

If you've followed any of my other posts, you know that knits and I have had a tumultuous journey. My first hurdle was the willingness to make dresses (I'm a slacks and jacket girl). I then had to muster courage to to dive into knits.

Then along came McCall 7186. This is my favorite wrap dress pattern. Its faux wrap dress. Even with one minor pattern flaw, it still rises to the top of the knit dress heap. 

Flattering for every figure

That's the dress' super power. The wrap (and faux wrap) flatter every figure. This feature alone gets it on my multi-makes list. However, the pattern designers went one better. They added ruchingon one side that takes the dress to another level. It's not only flattering at the waistline; it also provides good coverage in the cleavage area, too. This dress works in solids and prints. In case you didn't know, this #MommaLovesPrints. 

My iterations

Thus far, most of my versions have all been prints . I have a solid in coral on the cutting room table. I also plan to try it in red and black. The purple is also one of my favorites. Upcoming versions include two additional sleeveless versions in red and black.

How I work it

This is a must have in your work wardrobe. It pairs beautifully with a business jacket or dressy sweater.