By Inviting Me Into His Sanctuary

"...wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow...Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.  Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me."  Psalm 51: 7b, 10-11

Is anyone else out there feeling tired? a hurry?  ...going from here to there...back to here? Since January, I feel like my life hit the ground running again--back to the swing of things in this everyday thing called life.  I've been celebrating here, serving there, worshipping here and there.... All these things have been good, but there has been this constant tugging to enter into His sanctuary--you know the place where He desires to meet with you and me.

Last weekend I finally felt like there was an entering into His sanctuary.  Let me rewind for a minute. There have been moments of entering into His sanctuary before, but this time something special occurred within my heart.  There was a shifting.  I left the church last Sunday feeling revived and refreshed.  Finally this longing was beginning to be fulfilled.

Every Sunday, many of us walk into churches looking for a place to meet where the word of the Lord will be shared.  You see there is this special room filled with pews/chairs, a pulpit, the stage, instruments, and beautiful decorations, most of us call this special room our sanctuary.  Oh the beauty of the sanctuary just comes alive every Sunday. But what happens if you are not in that "special room?"

A sanctuary is considered a consecrated or holy thing/place; an area devoted to the sphere of the sacred.

A sanctuary to me is that place of refuge and protection.  One day mine may be in my car, another day it is at the altar, but often times it changes depending on the time or tugging of my heart.  I am not saying that you should have many sanctuarys, I am only sharing that the Lord sometimes extends his invitation to enter in when I am not in that "room."  I do not want to be bound by a special place.

There's a passage in Psalm 51, where David cries out to the Lord to renew his spirit and heart, it reminds me of the study of the tabernacle.  Moses was given specific instructions on the structure and layout of the furniture to place in the tabernacle.  When the priests entered into the tabernacle/sanctuary, there was only one way in and one way out.  My key to the sanctuary is first the invitation, then I have a choice--I can give into my flesh and go about my day or follow the leading of the spirit and enter into His presence.  In following the leading of the spirit, I'm lead to the brazen laver where my hands and feet are washed from the daily sins I commit.  I just love how David was so vulnerable before the Lord.  He, too (like me), was invited to the Lord's sanctuary to come wash in the Lord's presence despite the filth he just left behind.

As I've been reflecting on how the priests would enter the tabernacle toward the brazen lavar, I am challenged to look into the rearview mirror of history and remember the acts of worship that were exemplified by those before me.  Remembering to look in the mirror of the brazen laver (His Word) daily and take a moment to sit, kneel, or stand before the Lord and allow Him to show me who he sees when he looks at me. Though their lives and rituals look quite different from my modern day life, I just do not want to forget the value of the sanctuary. I want to carry this mental picture with my day in and day out.  As Psalms 24: 3-4 states, "Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord?  Or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart."  My heart's desire is that the Lord will daily extend His invitation and unlock the door to His destiny for me.

So...when I'm tired, He invites me in. When I feel lonely, He invites me in. During my busy day to day life, He invites me in. No matter the season of my life, Daddy extends an invitation to come into His sanctuary. My place of safety, comfort, and restoration all can be found in the accepting of His invitation.

Holding on with expectancy,