By Changing Our Perspective

How can I see light in the darkness?
How can I feel hope in the middle of despair?
How can I know peace when there is a raging storm?
How can I love when I'm hated?

These are just some of the things that we as Christians ask ourselves.

Changing Perspective - To see light in the darkness 

The Lord made light appear in that first day! Holy Spirit knowing all things, did not focus in the darkness, but instead knew, in that relationship of the Godhead, that the light was to come soon.  He simply hovered over the situation--then light came! We know by faith, in that relationship we have with Him, that in our darkest moments and seasons, light is shining somewhere. God's light can never be turned off by anything, anybody or any circumstance. By faith we believe that we will see light again, and it will lighten our world and change our perspective.

Changing  Perspective - To feel hope in the middle of despair

When Jesus was crucified, His disciples, family and friends despaired. Yet I'm sure they wondered and were curious as to His behavior--He didn't defend Himself or do any miracles to stop this horrific crime. He was compassionate toward those[] who spat Him, hit Him, swore at Him and nailed Him to the cross. He spoke of paradise to a seemingly complete stranger when they were in the middle of what seemed to be hell. He committed his mother to the care of the beloved disciple. He changes our perspective by giving us hope, by showing compassion and by letting us know that paradise awaits on the other side of eternity.

Changing Perspective - To know peace when there is a raging storm

As the storm was raging and that little boat rocked side to side and filled with water, everyone aboard made their best effort to keep afloat. They did not realize that the One who was with them had been given all authority. He was asleep and that did not make any sense. Maybe they thought if He helped them do what they were doing, they would somehow survive. What a surprise to them when Jesus spoke directly to the storm and commanded it as opposed[] to working with whatever the storm was throwing at them. Jesus sleeping in that boat in the midst of the storm surpassed our understanding and disregarded our abilities and skills! It reminds us that He is our Peace Giver. No degree, doctor, act of kindness, duty, ministry, church, friend, husband, child, [fill in the blank] can give us the peace that is attainable from His word. Just as He spoke it that very night--He is the Prince of Prince.


Changing Perspective - To love when I'm hated

When David was informed he had an opportune moment to kill the enemy of his life, he chose to spare him. Although he had gone mad, David did not see any honor in killing a man who had been chosen by the Lord. In choosing not to kill Saul, he acted out of love. David showed a heavenly perspective regarding God's chosen--even when God's chosen had gone astray. Some opportunities may seem like they will benefit us. In reality they often test the love we have for God and for our neighbour. Our perspective changes when we see the purposes God intends for every living soul, including those whohate us.

God has shown us how to change our perspective in everyday life through His living Word. For every season in our lives, there is hope to change our perspective so it lines up with His.

In life's journey with you,