By Showing Us How To Love

When I sat down this morning to begin to write for the first time in a while, God had already given me two heart echoes from this morning. He works like that, you know. He will whisper repeated things into our hearts and minds to tell us which way to go; sometimes He uses others, too. What is that "one thing" He echoed to me today? LOVE.

Love is the key to walking in this broken world and being able to forgive others and ourselves for everything. I was going to give a short list of things to forgive, but honestly, love can help a person forgive anything. I think one of our problems, my problem, is how we define love. So often we look for that warm, fuzzy man feeling of love. But, how does He define love? Afterall, GOD IS LOVE. We don't have to look far to find a clear definition of love.

Before you read further, why don't you grab your Bible and turn to I Corinthians 13:4-7.  Most everyone knows this section in the Bible. I dare say it may be the most used Scripture at weddings and for good reason.  Here is our God-given definition of love.