By Giving Us A New Song

“He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God; Many will see and fear and will trust in the LORD” Psalm 40:3

I love music. There is something about a good rhythm that gets my feet to moving and my voice just wants to sing. I am certain that the Lord fashioned me this way from my mother’s womb. I have changed genres many times over the years to satisfy my mood, but I can tell you since I became a believer, I have been firm about the lyrics I listen to. There is a song by Tal and Acacia that describes how I feel perfectly, entitled “Garbage In.”

Garbage In, Garbage Out

What goes in is found out

All can see what goes in me

I pay the price.

I see no need to justify listening to lyrics that will only come back out later to hurt me or someone else. With that said, there is plenty of music that is clean, uplifting, and available in any style.

I have battled with depression for many years. This depression that I speak of is a deep, dark, clinical depression that had a spirit of suicide attached to it.  I was hospitalized multiple times over 10 years, and I had told myself over and over that, other than God, there was no help.  During this time in my life, music was what I clung to.  I listened to music that matched my mood and it was a huge problem.  I found music that allowed me to wallow in the pit of loneliness.  Even the Christian music I listened to enabled me because I was not praising in ALL things. Over two years ago, the Lord began a healing process in me that included giving me a new song. 

The definition of new is fresh, recently created, never known before. Dear One, write out your praises to the Lord, giving Him all the glory for you and your life.  You don’t have to know music theory or even know how to carry a tune in order to write a thank you note to the Father. When you’re done, just sing it to Him. Beloved, He made you and your voice. He loves everything about you. It may not ever sound the same twice, but it is your song of praise to Him.

Cheering you on,