A Psalm of Thanksgiving

You honor me God with Your holy life. You pour life into me daily…. You give strength when I'm unaware I feel weak. You've brought renewal to my dead places.

Today is a day of thanksgiving. Every day is a day of thanksgiving!

When situations provoke anxiety and panic, You whisper "be still…know that I am God." When circumstances demand attention and attempt to crowd out Your presence, You remind me that in Your holy mountain, every need shall be provided. When the noise in my head shouts lies that I am abandoned and alone, Your voice caresses my heart with, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." 

Thank You for being my strength. You guide me as I navigate both smooth and rough terrain.

Thank You for Your everyday presence and provision. You are there when I'm not attentive. You surround me when it appears I'm alone. You cut a path for me when I believe I'm making my own way….

Thank you Lord for a love that is...







Staying close to You today…living beautiful….