How to Have Hope That Never Disappoints

As I ponder what it means to host a confident heart, I understand it to mean having an unshakeable trust in God. It can't be a trust in a successful family, career, or amazing friends. All of those can change in an instant with a wrong word, a significant life event, or a change in the economic climate. If my confidence rests in anything or anyone other than God, I set myself up for recurring disappointments and a wounded heart.

Real Confidence

My confidence increases as I stay close to Him. Intimacy is cultivated as I make time for Him in my life. I won't luck up on it. I will need to be intentional. It's in this place that my confidence grows and becomes unshakeable. It's here my resiliency is developed.

Wrapping ourselves around Him

The NIV Bible translates the Hebrew word "qavah" as "hope." The ESV and NASB, however, use the word "wait." The Hebrew word means to bind together by twisting. It brings to mind twisting myself and my life around the Lord and around the things of God--prayer, His Word, His people. The assurance He gives is that when I do those things, I won't be disappointed or ashamed. So, when I am feeling anxious or in emotional distress, it's the initial warning sign I've untwisted and unbound myself from the Father--I'm doubting His #perfectlove for me.

The past year has seen a barrage of "fiery darts" as well as an abundance of blessings in my life. It's easy in a season like this to be confused from day-to-day as to where I am in my relationship with God:

Where are you God?
I'm the apple of Your eye….
Have you abandoned me?
I am accepted in the beloved!
I really blew it this time God!
I am an overcomer

Uncontrolled thoughts and an untamed tongue can have me frazzled and frenetic! The passage in Isaiah is a perfect truth to hold in my heart as I face the storms of any season. While I wait and hope (bind & twist), I surely won't be disappointed.


Thank You Lord for a love that never fails. Help me to remember my priorities. As Mary chose the better thing in sitting at Your feet, help me to choose the better posture as well--wrapping myself around You and Your ways. In Jesus' name….

Stay close to Him. Live beautiful,