New Book Announcement!

So here is the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! 

COMING SOON to a local and online bookstore near you....

I'm so glad to share with you that my first book is published!  I received the preview copy today (YAY)!  We are currently planning a Book Launch/Signing event for next month.  I will share more details once we confirm a date.  This has been a thrilling journey for me.    

May I ask you to assist me in three areas? 

1. Help me spread the word.... Please tell friends and family and, freely, share the link to this post or to the "New Book" tab.

2. Pray with me that it will encourage EVERYONE who reads it.  God can take the most ornery of circumstances and transform them into something spectacular.  I pray many will find encouragement and refreshing in its pages....

3. Purchase a copy of the book for yourself and/or a friend.  I believe you'll be blessed by it....

About the Book

What do we do with the emotional wounds and scars that cast shadows over our lives? How do we respond to the brokenness we experience from disappointments, betrayals, and abandonment?

Wounds need time to heal. Scars disappear over time—or they don’t. Whether they do or not, God has made you beautiful. Your wounds don’t turn God off. He knows why they are there, and He is committed to causing them to work together for your good.

Transformation occurs as you begin to see yourself as God sees you, say about yourself what He says, and embrace the truth about you as He speaks it. That is the point at which you will begin to hear what He’s been saying all along: “I AM the soundtrack of your life; I AM the One who makes you beautiful.” This book will help you

  • expose the real culprit responsible for our emotional wounds,

  • examine the consequences of attempting to manage the perceptions of others,

  • abandon mindsets that mar your beliefs about your beauty,

  • learn to embrace Jesus’ model for caring for scars, and

  • discover lifelong tips for ageless beauty.

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement and support. God has been amazingly faithful throughout the writing and publishing process!

Stay close to Him. Live beautiful.