A Little About Me

I am super excited about the opportunity to share my heart with you around the things I love most—the Word of God, leadership, capacity building and creativity.  I’m the author of, He Makes All Things Beautiful: God's Transformation of Our Emotional Wounds, Scars, and Brokenness, Westbow Press, 2013.

I love reading God's Word, teaching it, writing about it and encouraging others who are also on the journey of being conformed to the image of Christ.  My life mission statement is simple: "To make God’s Word plain and practical so His people live victoriously!”

We grow and develop in the context of community. I love hanging out with people who are open to evolving and expanding their capacity.

I write to:  

  • encourage all of us to live victoriously.

  • share my journey from a victorious vantage point.

  • honor and celebrate the insights God reveals by His Holy Spirit.

  • be in community with you in such a way that we sharpen one another for His glory!

I'm passionate about leader development and capacity building. I enjoy coming alongside emerging and seasoned leaders as they engage their own developmental journey.

A few of my favorite things include project management, reading, journaling, sewing and anything “craft-related.”

Stay close to Him. Live beautiful.